Ken Gwira is a self-taught sculptor and artist born in Takoradi, Ghana who has been carving professionally since 1981. His early education took him from Freetown, Sierra Leone to England and back to Ghana where in 1979, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ancient History and Study of Religions.

He has created many one-of-a-kind wooden carvings and is best known for his signature furniture-art series known as Conversation Seat and for his philosophical carving, Woman is the Key.

Over the years, he has been featured or interviewed in several media including the following:

– Article in West Africa magazine;

– Article in Balafon, the in-flight magazine of Air Afrique;

– Interviewed by the BBC

– Interviewed by the Voice of America

– Art focus in Black Ethnic Collectibles publication.

Gwira is also a talented poet. One of his poems, “Message of the Tree,” which he wrote to compliment one of his carvings of the same title, is published in Echoes of Yesterday by The National Library of Poetry, USA.

Gwira’s works can be found in private collections all over the world.

CONTACT: 240 593-1431 or kengwira@gmail.com

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